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Media Test Kit, Medium Complexity

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Brand Health Care Logistics Brand
MPN 17450
Packaging 1 Per Each

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    • Tests document correct personal technique and effective environmental control for the preparation of compounded sterile products (CSPs).
    • Revised USP <797> regulations mandate that training programs include a hands-on demonstration and practice with actual items such as CSP containers, devices and equipment. Regulations also require the patient or caregiver practice aseptic and injection technique under the direct observation of a health professional. And, the patient or caregiver is expected to demonstrate mastery of assigned activities before being allowed to administer CSPs unsupervised by a health professional.
    • Contains Tryptic Soy Broth, which helps detect evidence of a wide variety of microorganisms, especially common aerobic and facultatively anaerobic bacteria. Additional materials required to perform each test.
    • Tests available in Low, Medium and High.
    • Includes:
      - (3) 50mL vials containing test media
      - (6) 50mL empty sterile vials
      - (3) 10mL empty sterile vials
    • Media Test Kits are for a one-time, single test use only.
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