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Steel Half Stablizer Plate Insoles

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    Steel 1/2 Stabilizer Plate Rigid Insoles, Half Length

    Stabilizer / Insole Plates to Limit Fore-Foot, Metatarsal Joints & Turf Toe

    Turfliner Spring Steel Insole
    Used to stiffen the sole of the shoe.
    Limits Range of Motion of the Forefoot and Midfoot.
    Makes shoe Non-Flexible.
    Extremely thin steel stabilizer plate insole, 1/8" thick.
    Comfortable and durable felt top cover.
    These steel insole plates are constructed to Limit Dorsiflexion at the metatarsal joints.
    Immobilizes toe joint to prevent it from bending during walking and sports.

    Indications of the Spring Steel Insoles- 1/2 Steel Stabilizer Plates
    - Problems requiring a Rigid or Semi-Rigid footbed
    - Turf Toe
    - Hallux Limitus / Hallux Rigidus
    - Forefoot Pain
    - Metatarsalgia
    - Cuboid Syndrome
    - Freiburg's Infraction
    - Bunionectomy
    - Foot Stability Post-op
    - Shin Splints
    - Plantar Plate Tear
    - Stress Fractures

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    • Full length steel insole
      Felt topcover
      Made in USA
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