Deterra Drug Disposal Pouches, X-Large

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  • Reduce Diversion - Provides a proven method of action against tamper and diversion. Activated carbon formula quickly and safely renders prescription drugs inert when mixed with water. Ideal for narcotics, antibiotics and hormone therapies, expired and unused medications. Accepts tablets, capsules, liquids, creams and transdermal patches.
  • Safe Disposal - Add waste medication to the pouch, fill with tap water, seal and throw the container in the trash. The pouch can be disposed of in standard waste when approved by local municipalities. Deactivation begins as soon water is added to the pouch, which is omnidegradable and decomposes almost entirely over time.
  • Reduce Environmental Impact - Meets current EPA and DEA requirements for drug destruction and disposal.
  • Maximum Number of Tablets Per Pouch or Container:
    Small - 15 tablets
    Medium - 45 tablets
    Large - 90 tablets
    X-Large - 450 tablets
    Container - 1,400 tablets
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Brand Medical products
MPN 19849
Packaging 5 per package
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