Fingertip Testing Contact Plates, 100mm

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  • Monitor Bacterial Growth Fingertip Testing Contact Plate makes it easy to determine the efficiency of cleaning programs and hand-washing techniques by monitoring the growth of bacterial colonies on incubated samples. Ideal for use in cleanrooms, pharmacy labs and other areas where surface contaminants and sterility are primary concerns.
  • Ingredients - Tryptic Soy-based media is sterilized, then aseptically filled in an environmentally controlled room using automated equipment.
  • Easy to Use - After hand washing, place fingers onto the contact plate, then incubate sample to gather results.
  • Contact Plates have a 30 day expiration.
  • This temperature sensitive product will ship via UPS Next Day. Product ships Monday - Thursday only. Refrigerate immediately upon arrival.
  • Plate Dimensions: 15mm H x 100mm Dia.
  • 10 per pack
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Brand Health Care Logistics
MPN 19374
Packaging 20 per package
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