Condition Alert Bands 05-5065-YFR

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This ID Band is specifically designed to meet the needs and challenges of the long-term care environment. Its durability is unequalled by traditional plastic or vinyl bands, making it cost effective. And it's easy to use. Just trim 1 each0" band to the required length and slip in an insert card. The male/female connectors protect resident information with a permanent waterproof seal. Most importantly, the band's unique design makes it comfortable to wear and less likely to irritate and break down the skin.

These cost-effective, easy-to-use, comfortable and durable bands will satisfy all your resident identification needs. Packaged 50 bands per box. Each box also includes 64 white insert cards and 32 each of light pink, light blue and light green insert cards.

Size 13" ,packaging=
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MPN 05-5065-YFR
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