AliMed Antimicrobial Blue Carrot Hand Contracture Kit

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Blue Carrot Hand Contracture Kit: Treated w/Antimicrobial Agent #52274
  • Painless positioning to treat hand contracture problems
  • Progressive hand contracture reduction
  • Embedded with silver ion particles to fight against bacteria build up
  • Reduces odor causing bacteria

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AliMed Antimicrobial Blue Carrot Hand Contracture Kit solves the toughest hand contracture problems while inhibiting microbial growth on the carrot s surface. The Blue Carrot's soft covering is permanently embedded with Agion antimicrobial to act as a barrier against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

This version of the AliMed Carrot Hand Contracture Kit comes with everything you need to treat hand contractures while also helping to prevent hand infections and unpleasant odors.

Simply slide the carrot's thin "Magic Wand" through the patient's contracted hand and then pull the carrot through much less painful when compared to anxiety-producing hand splint placement. The carrot is labeled with numbers, making documentation standardized and easy. The hand contracture carrot is filled with tiny plastic microspheres that are highly conforming and resilient so the orthosis won't increase spasticity.

Hand Contracture Kit contains:
2 Blue Carrots treated with antimicrobial agent
2 Magic Wands to easily thread the carrot into place in the contracted hand
1 laundry marker to track hand contracture progress
Instruction manual
One size: 9"L; 5-1/2" maximum circumference

Cotton cover embedded with silver ion

Hand wash in cold water and air dry.

Suggested code: L3923.

Not for use or sale in the EU.

AliMed Carrot Hand Contracture Treatments:
No more prying contracted fingers open to scrub the hand or wrestling to get hand splints in place. The AliMed Carrot Orthosis System gently opens the hand gradually enough to allow access for better hygiene and easier positioning for traditional hand splints. Clearly numbered markings and the graduated carrot shape provide caregivers a way to accurately measure a patient's progress for assured reimbursement.

The "Magic Wand" placement tool is a key to the Carrot's success. The small, flexible plastic wand secures to the loop end of any of the three Hand Contracture Carrots for access to the hand without opening the fingers. Once the wand is inserted, the carrot is introduced gradually and painlessly into the contracted hand. The carrot can then be pulled further into the hand as the hand contracture relaxes.

Guide to the other AliMed Carrot Hand Contracture Solutions:

Inflatable Hand Contracture Carrots
- For the most severely contracted hands
Original Hand Contracture Carrots - 2 color-coded sizes for specific hand contracture needs
Hand Contracture and Hygiene Kit - Antimicrobial carrot with swabs for added hand cleaning
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including DI(2-ETHYLHEXYL) PHTHALATE (DEHP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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Brand Alimed
MPN 52274
Packaging 1 Each
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