Roller Coaster of Life

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Deborah Nore


This great game for adolescents addresses social skills and pragmatics. Easy to play, a player draws a card that asks a question such as: You just heard that your best friend said something mean about you to another friend. How do you feel What should you do and say Or, your cousin is visiting from England. You take him to school with you for a day. Who would you introduce your cousin to How would you make the introduction Or, you have a friend who interrupts the conversation to talk about himself all the time. You have something important you want to talk about. What can you say to let your friend know you need to talk The player answers the question as best she can, and the group may discuss the answer. Then the player moves her pawn down the roller coaster path.

Fully laminated, this delightful game is easy to carry and to keep clean. It includes 98 discussion questions covering social and pragmatic skills such as turn-taking in conversation, eye contact, changing topics, introducing people, ways to be polite, how to praise, nonverbal communication, and more. For added fun, there are six cards in the deck that have penalties or rewards, such as You have a three-day weekend and No homework. Move ahead three spaces.

TARGET GROUP: Junior and senior high school students.

COMPLETE PROGRAM INCLUDES: A 9-1/2" x 13" Laminated, full-color game board; 104 cards; 2 dice (one with up to 3 numerals, one with up to 6 dots); 6 tokens; instructions and ideas.

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