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Scissors and Shears

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  1. Miltex White Toe Nail Scissors
    White Toenail Scissors, Miltex Vantage V1718 #98SCS70-3 Learn More
  2. Miltex Vantage Lister Bandage Scissors
    Lister Scissors, 3.5", Miltex Vantage V95-500SS #98SCS1-30 Learn More
  3. Miltex Spencer Stitch Scissors
    Spencer Stitch Scissors, Miltex 9-100 #98SCS60-3 Learn More
  4. Miltex Operating Scissors Straight
    Operating Scissosrs, 4.5", Straight, Sharp-Sharp, Miltex Vantage V95-2 #98SCS50-100 Learn More
  5. Miltex Operating Scissors
    Operating Scissors, 5.5", Straight, Sharp/Blunt, Vantage, Miltex V95-16 #98SCS50-97 Learn More
  6. Miltex Northbent Stitch Scissors
    Northbent Stitch Scissors, Miltex 9-103 #98SCS48-2 Learn More
  7. Miltex Metzenbaum Scissors Super Cut
    Metzenbaum Scissors, Supercut, 4.5", Curved, Delicate Pattern, Miltex 5-SC-284 #98SCS42-71 Learn More
  8. Miltex Mayo Operating Scissors
    Mayo Operating Scissors, Straight, Miltex 5-115 #98SCS40-39 Learn More
  9. Miltex Mayo Dissecting Scissors Rounded Blades
    Mayo Dissecting Scissors, 6.75", Curved, Miltex-142 #98SCS40-37 Learn More
  10. Miltex Lister Bandage Scissors with Large Finger Ring
    Lister Bandage Scissors, Large Finger Ring, 8", Miltex 5-550 #98SCS1-20 Learn More
  11. Miltex Lister Bandage Scissors
    Lister Bandage Scissors, 7-1/4" Miltex MH5-516 #98MRH1-7 Learn More
  12. Miltex Iris Scissors Standard Pattern
    Iris Scissors, Angled on Side, Miltex 5-308 #98SCS30-5 Learn More
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