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How to Deal Effectively with Whining and Tantrum Behaviors

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Jennifer J. McComas
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    This manual is designed to assist teachers with problem behaviors such as whining and tantrumming that all-too-often cloud a teacher's ability to see the delightful side of their students. Although the manual is written to specifically address whining and tantrum behavior, the approach described is a universal problem-solving model applicable to a range of problem behavior patterns that require teacher intervention.

    This manual describes a systematic approach for addressing whining and tantrum behaviors. It begins with an introduction to the types of responses that teachers might consider using with occasional occurrences of these behaviors. Next, it articulates a step-by-step procedure for modifying problem behavior. The procedure involves assessing why a child might be displaying patterns of persistent whining, tantrum behaviors, or both, and how to implement procedures with attention to the issue of maintenance. This procedure also includes suggestions for simple data collection and graphic displays of data to aid the teacher in efficient problem-solving. A number of general intervention approaches are described, with details for individualizing the approach and enhancing the effects of an intervention. Finally, pointers for successfully modifying behavior are provided. The booklet includes quiz questions interspersed throughout and a final examination, with answer keys provided for both quizzes and the final examination.

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