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How to Deal Effectively with Lying, Stealing, and Cheating

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David L. Lee + Richard Kubina+ Jr. + Rachel E. Smith
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    Lying, stealing, and cheating behaviors can have profound implications for teachers and the students they serve. Deceptive behaviors tend to undermine any level of trust that students build over time. Once students develop a reputation for engaging in deception, they have a difficult time rebuilding their reputation. Lying, stealing, and cheating behaviors have other consequences as well. Unfortunately, these consequences may not be readily apparent to the student. For example, many teachers use the results of tests to help determine educational goals for their students. When students cheat on tests, the teacher bases instructional decisions on "false" information. Therefore, any changes to instruction may not have the intended results.

    Teachers need to ask whya student lies, cheats, or steals. Once that s answered, teachers can develop highly individualized interventions that are highly individualized. This book is designed to help teachers answer the "why" question and develop intervention based on that information.

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