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Hartman's Nursing Assistant Care: The Basics, 4th Edition - Textbook in Spanish

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    This new Spanish language textbook is a black and white version of the full-color English language textbook to train nursing assistants. This book has been translated by a native speaker and reviewed by experts in the field, who are also native speakers of Spanish.

    • Material organized by body system this includes each system s structure and function, normal changes of aging, how the nursing assistant can help with normal aging changes, observing and reporting, and common diseases and care guidelines
    • Issues relating to Residents Rights emphasized throughout in special boxes
    • New information on person-centered care and culture change
    • Up-to-date, comprehensive material on infection prevention
    • Many new website resources throughout and a comprehensive community resources box
    • More information on mental illness
    • A skill for emptying the catheter drainage bag
    • Updated nutrition information on MyPlate, special diets, and feeding techniques
    • Current information on legal issues, such as HIPAA
    • Significantly expanded testing section available to instructors, including 10 chapters exams, two final exams, and a critical thinking exam, along with a practice exam for students taking the certification test
    • A table of procedures, common abbreviations list, and a glossary
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