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Handy Cane

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Handy Cane, Small, 32-7/10"H #83373

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Brand Alimed
MPN 83373
Packaging 1 Each

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    • Reacher and cane in one
    • Ergonomically designed trigger is easy and comfortable to operate
    • Grasper with strong grip

    More About This Product

    Handy Cane is a walking aid that looks and functions like an ordinary cane, but has a built-in grasper to pick up hard-to-reach objects. The ergonomically designed trigger is easy and comfortable to operate, and the grasper has a strong grip for securely grabbing and holding objects as light as a paperclip or as heavy as a bottle. When not in use, the grasper is completely tucked away for a stylish and elegant cane that provides support and stability on the go. Baked-on, powder-coated, textured paint resists scratches, marring, and even fingerprints. Ideal for those with limited mobility due to age, physical disability, or recovery from a recent injury or surgery.

    1-1/2" diam. 6"L handle 3-1/2"W grasper Aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel Wipes clean

    Small fits users 4'5" to 5'5" tall
    Medium fits users 5'5" to 6'1" tall
    Large fits users 6'1" and taller

    Suggested code: E0100
    FDA Registration Number: 3011764679

    What customers are saying about the Handy Cane:

    I just bought the Handy Cane because I m in the store a lot shopping and you can t find a clerk. You try to reach for something and you fall all over the cans and it s a very embarrassing moment. I bought the Handy Cane so I would have the grabber, but I also found that it was much sturdier than my existing cane. I like that because sometimes with my other cane I ve felt like I might topple over. Gigi E., Boston, MA 

    Prior to owning the Handy Cane, I had a grasper in every room. I had an incident where I went to my car and dropped my keys while attempting to open my car door. Rather than risk falling while trying to pick up my keys, I waited 15 minutes for someone to come near me in a garage to help me pick up my keys. Now that I have the Handy Cane, I ve thrown away all the inefficient graspers I owned. It was always impractical to carry a grasper with me when I left the house but, with the Handy Cane, my grasper is always with me. Now I can easily pick up items that I drop or can t reach. I love my Handy Cane! Geri S., Hackensack, NJ

    Oh, thank you thank you for this. I received a delivery and I thought it was a box of flowers in this tall box. But then I opened it and it was an amazing new cane. The Handy Cane is very durable, lightweight and now I don t have to have a 6-foot friend help me anymore because I can use this to get things off a high shelf. You know the old expression reach for the moon, well the Handy Cane will help you reach for whatever you need. I also have another cane, as you know, but this one you can do so much more with and it s much better quality. Thank you, thank you Paul for sending this to me! Helene S., Sarasota, FL (note to person who gifted her the Handy Cane)
    WARNING:California's Proposition 65
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